ERG, Screenprints / Serigrafia, 2016


Since 2014 I have been studying, documenting and sketching ascetic landscapes, where space and her nothingness is the essence of the story I want to tell through my art. Yet, since that time I have been searching for a place which could offer me even more inspiration for my works, where I could study first-hand the perspective changing every minute, the light, the horizon, the vibration of the air, finally, the concept of emptiness, the area of what is seen and unseen; what is present and what is abstract. My research led me to find the pictures of the Great Salt Flats located in the U.S. State of Utah. Documenting that place personally, breathing its’ air, seeing it’s unique landscape with my own eyes and touching it with my own hands, drawing it “live” became my latest artistic project which I was able to realize with amazing support from my sponsors and backers.

This series has been financed by a generous help of backers on as well as 

sponsors: Likus Hotele i Restauracje and Impel Cleaning sp. z o.o.

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